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The Stories Behind Every Custom Heart Photo Necklace  

May 18,2023 | Joycenamenecklace


Our personalized photo necklaces are customized to hold your most cherished memories and loved ones close to your heart. Each handcrafted, gold, or sterling silver necklace has a story of deep connection behind it. Here are a few of the special stories and sentiments from our customers:  

A Gift of Remembrance

"I gave my mother one of your custom heart photo necklaces for her 60th birthday with a picture of my late father inside. He passed away 5 years ago after 40 years of marriage and she misses him every day. When she opened the gift and saw his smiling face inside the engraved pendant, she burst into tears. She told me that having a photo of him so close to her heart brings her indescribable comfort. It means the world to have such a precious way to keep him with her in memory of the wonderful life they shared together." - Jess W.  

Celebrating New Love  

"My fiancé and I just got engaged 3 months ago. To celebrate this special new chapter of our lives, I designed one of your photo necklaces with a picture of us on the night he proposed. Having that magical moment and memory preserved in such a sentimental, beautiful way makes me smile each and every time I wear it. I am so grateful for the ability to keep that first memory as husband and wife so close to my heart forever." - Emily S.     


Long Distance Love

"Even though we live in different countries right now, your personalized family necklaces allow us to keep each other close despite the distance. For our 2-year anniversary, we each got a necklace - hers with a picture of me, mine with a picture of her. Now whenever we look at the photos of each other inside, we know that no amount of miles can separate us. We remain over one another's heart, just as we were that very first day." - Mark T.  

For the Love of a Loyal Pet

"Our dog Buddy was a part of our family for 13 years before we said our painful final goodbye. Your custom pet memorial necklace with his photo inside brings me both joy and sadness at the same time. Joy for the wonderful memories we shared, but sadness in missing his loving presence every single day. I wear it each day to have the memory of my faithful friend remain close by my side, just as he always was in life." - Emily S. 

Give a heart photo necklace as a gift to share with someone else the power of keeping loved ones and memories close.