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About us

About Us


Celebrating the precious moments of life with jewelry that give meaning is Joycenamenecklace’s true calling.

Each one of our handmade jewelry pieces is uniquely made just for you. With just the right designs, metals, and birthstones, your memories are captured in stunning personalized jewelry that speak beyond words.

It’s a privilege to take part in your life’s journey and to see the joy our work gives you.
And that’s the reason we love what we do.

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Come behind the scenes to where the magic happens.
Your jewelry goes through its own journey before it makes its way to you!

New designs are created on a monthly basis to fit your taste and gift occasions. Your jewelry is as unique as you are. All engraving and personalizations are done by hand, and each stone is carefully selected and reviewed for sparkle and clarity. Each jewelry piece holds a special memory that is sure to make you smile and give meaning. As a finishing touch, your jewelry is polished to perfection and hand packed with love ,ready for a lifetime full of love.

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Every people can be a great designer of love

Unlimited Personalized Option: at least 3 new styles are updated every month, and 20 designers can support your personal customization needs at any time.

Reassuring Quality: each piece of jewelry has been carefully carved, polished, inspected and carefully packed and transported.

Multiple Uses: from celebrating the milestone of growth of someone such as birth and graduation, honoring an anniversary of relationship, to sharing or exchanging, our stunning and dainty collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings allow everyone to commemorate special occasions or any day in unique, personalized ways.

For any additional questions, comments, compliments or concerns, we are always ready to hear from you. Please contact us at


Joyce C. Roman David Mai Annie R. Martins
Co-Founder and CEO Marketing Director Product Manager


Joycenamenecklace is located in

Room 402, No.40-48 Xinhong Street, Liwan District, Guangzhou

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Sep 15, 2021