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The Story Behind Our Protection Necklaces

Jan 22,2022 | Joycenamenecklace

We always buy something for some reasons, maybe it looks so beautiful and great, or the element have some special meaning for you. Anyway, we rarely buy things without a purpose.

Now we walked in 2022, but it sounds like"2020 too" which is the virus broke out year. The sudden outbreak of the virus has disrupted our peaceful lives. People all over the world started to buy masks and disinfectants, wanting to protect their bodies, protect their family and friends from the virus. Protection became a hit word. Protection necklaces can be your amulet, keeping you safe and happy. Not limited to age and gender, we hope everyone can under protection. We want to bring everyone a healthy and joyful life with our jewelry.

In that case, Joycename promote a new series about GUARD AND PROTECTION


Protect the one you loved.

Shield-something or someone that protects or defends. We always see it in the soldier's' hand, use it to protect the Royal Palace, protect the whole city. It's a symbol of guard. And we are mostly be protected behind the shield. But now we are in peaceful life, no longer on war, we are chasing on imporving ourselve to live a better life.

Our shield necklace set with so many other elements. Shining star in the sky-hope the receiver can shine bright like a star. An arrow with a black gem-against all bad luck. Layered chain design make the collocation is richer and more layered.

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Choosing Your Amulet

The cross in its various shapes and forms was a symbol of various beliefs. In pre-Christian times it was a pagan religious symbol throughout Europe and western Asia. We always feel safe in the church, be protected by the god. 

Design with the cross, set with shining stone and gem. Make you the first one Patronus will notice and guard. Simple yet elegant design. 

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In the end, we want every one in the world can stay healthy, stay happy. Come out and hug your friend and family tightly when the pandemic is over.

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