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Types of clasps you would like to know

Aug 20,2021 | Joycenamenecklace

Lobster clasp

Lobster clasp is the popular choice in the jewelry making industry. It have great ability to support the heavy designed jewelry.  To open it, push down on the lever with your thumb and the bottom section of the “claw” will swing inward. Releasing the lever closes the clasp.

Spring ring clasp

As knowed as Bolt rings , simply push down on the lever to create an opening to attach a jump ring.

Barrel Clasp

This clasp is made from two metal pieces that screw together to close and look like a barrel. Therefore it is as known as Screw fasteners.  

The main drawback of a barrel clasp is that it requires two hands to fasten, so it’s not a good choice for bracelets unless you have a very agreeable partner who will close it up for you . It’s also not ideal for anyone who is all thumbs, as it can be a bit tricky to maneuver.


Toggle Clasp

One end of a toggle clasp is a long bar or “T” shape; the other is an open shape, most often a circle. The bar simply slips through the open shape and locks in place. More often than not, toggle clasps are designed to add to the style of the piece, such as necklaces where the clasp is strategically placed in front.

These clasps work best with heavier jewelry because the weight can help keep the bar from slipping back out. Be sure when choosing a toggle clasp that the bar locks securely in place.


Magnetic Clasp

True to its name, a magnetic clasp is composed of two pieces that contain magnets. These snap together, locking everything in place effortlessly. Some magnetic clasps are small, round and delicate, while others are large and rectangular. Some are even texturized with rhinestones and other embellishments to add to the style of your jewelry.

These clasps are very easy to fasten and work well for all types of jewelry. They’re also the best choice for people who have trouble moving tiny levers, springs and other teeny closures.


S Hook Clasp


Two warnings about S hooks: Triple check that the hook is tight enough to lock securely onto the ring without slipping back off, and make sure it won’t catch on your clothing or anything else.


Fishhook Clasp

Fishhook clasps are a bit less common than many other options, but they’re one of the most elegant glamorous closures. One end is a metal hook and the other is an oval box. The hook fastens into a hidden spot inside the box and sometimes even locks due to a simple spring mechanism. 



A hook clasp is a simple and classic style of clasp - the necklace or bracelet has a hook on one side of the chain and a ring on the opposite.


Box Clasp

Box clasps are quite fancy, and they consist of a tab that is inserted into a decorative box of some type. They often have some type of safety measure to make sure the clasp remains closed and secure, and they are very popular in more exclusive jewelry, including tennis bracelets and bracelets that are hinged. The safety part can also be adjusted to make it tighter or looser, meaning you’ll always get the perfect clasp for your piece of jewelry.

Ball Clasp

Bead or ball clasps are round in design, often with a tab or bayonet closure. The main benefit of bead clasps is how they look. They can blend in beautifully with most pieces of jewelry and are especially ideal for jewelry featuring beads.

Bolo clasps

Bolo clasps are very fashionable and perfect for sliding bracelets or necklaces. They allow you to adjust the jewelry to fit you perfectly. They’re easy to put on and size, giving you options with how you want your jewelry to fit.  

Bolo clasps are used in lariat necklaces but most commonly in bracelets. Because of their versatile design, the clasp itself can take a central role in the jewelry.